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Enichi Banquet Market Give Me Vegetables

Meet new people while sharing food!

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Dates: 18th June 2022

Location: UraniwaAtelier, Ogawara, Miyagi

Enichi Banquet Market Give Me Vegetables

Make new friends at the local barbecue and food sharing event in Ogawara Miyagi Prefecture

Make new friends at this local food sharing event in Ogawara, Miyagi Prefecture!

The Banquet Market is a new style of market with the goal of interacting with the local community at its heart. It's the perfect event for those looking to meet new people and make new friends in their local area.

At "Give Me Vegetables," the rule is simple: bring your own ingredients (such as rice, fish, seasonings, etc.) to prepare and share directly at the venue. For Europeans, this event is similar to what we call "Canadian Barbecue."

Like any market, there will be a wide variety of stalls to discover, including food and drinks, dumplings, vintage books, old folk tools, bookbinding demonstrations, locally nade items, moss balls, works by local artists, and more!


Event Page (Japanese):

Time: 10:00AM–4:00PM

Entry Fee: None but BYOF (bring your own food)

Location: UraniwaAtelier, Ogawara, Miyagi

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