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Kanzanchogetsu Ryokan

Traditional Japan for everyone

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Let’s imagine a situation. You have a very important event here, in Miyagi, and you are planning to invite your family and/or friends to visit you. For some of them, this is the first visit to Japan, and their knowledge of Japanese culture is not so great. There are plenty of things you want them to enjoy. Japanese hot springs. Japanese cuisine. Japanese hospitality. But there is always a problem of culture. Of course, the best way to experience Japanese culture is to stay in Japanese-style hotel - ryokan. The question is - would it be ok for people who grew up in another culture to go experiencing hot springs naked? For many of us, foreigners, getting naked in front of other people is something we would like to avoid. Sleeping on the floor is another thing people can be not so used to. And what about food? I love hearty Japanese-style breakfast, but for my mum, breakfast is mostly about bread. No bread - no breakfast. What can be the best way to make even someone who is not used to Japanese culture enjoy it as much as we do?


One of the options I can advise is staying at Kanzanchogetsu 観山聴月.

Aone Onsen is situated in Kawasaki, near Zao. It is not so well-known as Naruko Onsen, but it definitely doesn’t mean that it is not worth a visit. High in the mountains, it presents everything that is so beautiful in mountainous area. Incredible scenery, clear air that make you enjoy every breath you take, that certain feeling which you have when you are away from the usual busy atmosphere - the feeling that eternity belongs to you.

And in winter, I must say as a northerner, you have a real winter. With glowing snow and all the winter games that I personally miss so much.

Kanzanchogetsu means “to look at the mountains and to listen to the moon”. The name alone is cool, isn’t i? There are many great places to stay in Aone, but there are several reasons why I think that you should consider staying in Kanzanchogetsu in the first place in case if you have a newcomer with you.

First of all, the rooms are something to see. The perfect combination of Western and Japanese design, every room is different.

Japanese rationality and attentiveness towards slightest details, comfortable beds and…

That is a number two. Separate bath for every room. Just imagine - any time you like you can just open the door to your bathroom and enjoy hot springs! You can even experience strawberry bath! The usual public baths are available, too, including open-air bath.

Reason number three is the scenery. Every room has a big window, so looking at the mountains and listening to the moon is something you can do without even getting out of your room.

Reason number four - dinner and breakfast. The food is delicious, and I’m pretty sure that it will satisfy any taste. The chef is carefully listening to requests, so if you are a vegetarian, or have some dietary restrictions, or you just want your bread for breakfast, your want stay hungry. When we think of Japanese hospitality, this is what we mean.

Some places just make you feel like you're having a time of your life. Here, in Kanzanchogetsu, every stay can be special. No matter if you stay alone or with the most precious people, whom you want to show the best of Japan that you have explored.

Address: 17-2 Aoneonsen, Kawasaki, Shibata District, Miyagi Prefecture Tel: 0224-87-2617

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