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Sanbongi Sunflower Festival 2022

Breathtaking fields of over 420,000 sunflowers!

Date: 23rd July – 16th August 2022

Location: Osaki City

Sanbongi Sunflower Festival 2022


Tohoku Miyagi Prefecture Sunflower Festival 2022

Enjoy one of Osaki City's most popular summer festivals!

Every year following the blooming rapeseed flower fields of the spring is Osaki City's 6 hectare Sunflower Hill in full bloom, gleaming against the blue summer sky.

The Sunflower Festival takes place amidst the beautiful fields of yellow, where visitors can enjoy sunflower-themed sweets (sunflower ice cream, anyone?) as well as purchase local specialty products, including sunflower oil pressed directly from the sunflower seeds grown in these very fields.

Make sure to stop by and enjoy the sight of these beautiful symbols of summer!


Official Page (Japanese):

Time: 9:00AM–5:00PM

Entry Fee: None

Location: Osaki City

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