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Sendai Museum Guide, February

Let's get out!

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February might be the coldest month in a year. Maybe it’s because spring is already on the way, and winter is trying to do its’ best while it can. When it is so cold outside, it is hard to make yourself go out when you don’t have an urgent need to do so. And this means a lot of missed walks and events. Going out to see an exhibition is so rare - because you know that it would be on tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and then suddenly it has already ended. This time, we won’t recommend you any exhibitions. Instead, we are offering you a chance to take part in an event.

First, Sendai Astronomical Observatory is celebrating its’ 62th birthday! And we all are invited! On 4th and 5th of February you can participate in this celebration and get to know the sky above us better. If you still haven’t been to Sendai observatory, than it is a high time for a first visit!

Visitors shall enjoy the sight of the sky, the stars and the sun, to have a small space travel with Tohoku university professor as a guide, to see the starry sky from many other countries, listen to a small concert by Sendai philharmony and many other things. Children and grown-ups are both welcome!

When: February 4th 9:00-21:30, February 5th 9:00-17:00

Place: Sendai Astronomical Observatory, 9 Chome-29-32 Nishikigaoka, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi

Price: Free, except for some special events.

One more event that we recommend to visit is a science lecture for grown-ups in Sendai Science Museum. When I was in school, I was crazy about experiments during our science classes. I still remember that excitement when you get the result - no matter if this was the result you intended to get or just some random one - it was so fascinating to see science in action! And I must say, I envy kids who still have an access to this fantastic world.

Probably I am not lonely, because Sendai Science Museum offers its’ course for school kids to everyone. Engage in experiments like in good old times, refresh your knowledge and... Who knows, maybe you will learn something completely new (or make a discovery, just by any chance)!

When: February 26th , 10:00-11:30, 13:00-14:30.

Place: Sendai Science Museum, 2nd floor, rooms for experiments. 4−1 Dainoharashinrinkōen, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi

Price: Free, but you need to apply.

To apply, send a postcard with a reply card attached (往復はがき), containing the event you are applying for, your name, address, phone number, school (for students) and the course you are applying for. There are 4 courses available: biology, earth science, physics and chemistry.

You can apply till 2017.02.14

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