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Sendai Museum Guide, January

Soft and warm winter

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First month of the year is starting, and we are getting used to living in 2017. We cannot say how good or bad this new year shall be, but one thing we can say for sure - it starts with some great exhibitions.

The Miyagi Museum of Art this month is granting us an unbelievable opportunity to see works by famous French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir. I guess, Renoir is one of those artists who are especially suitable for a new year’s start. Soft, full of gentle light, his works have a relaxing ability. I find impressionism in general quite cheerful, but Renoir’s masterpieces present us a quiet, intimate moments of happiness. Beautiful young dancer, young woman reading a book with a smile on her face - like some precious memories that we keep inside our heads for all our lives.

The exhibition presents both his impressionist paintings and his monumental nudes of latter days.

Exhibition is on: 2017.01.14 (Saturday) ~2017.04.16 (Sunday)

Closed: Every Monday except 3.20, Tuesday, 3.21

Place: The Miyagi Museum of Art

Entrance Fee: 1500 yen (University students - 1300 yen, Elementary school children and junior high school children - 750 yen)

Another exhibition that shouldn’t be missed this month, is about one of the most beloved children’s books character - Peter Rabbit.


Beatrix Potter, a famous British children's books author, created an incredible world that even today excites children and grown-ups of all nations. Small animals who behave like true Victorians, cute rabbits, mice, frogs, ducks, cats and many others, depicted in adorable illustrations that Beatrix Potter drew herself. In commemoration of her 150th birthday anniversary, we’ve got a chance to see the original illustrations, as well as sketches, some things that belonged to her and once again dive in the atmosphere of charming pastoral countryside. Winter is the time of fairytales. So, at least once in awhile, let’s give ourselves a vacation in a real fairytale world.

Exhibition is on: 2016.12.20 (Tuesday) ~2017.02.01 (Wednesday)

Place: Tohoku Fukushi University Sendai Station East Entrance Campus

Entrance Fee: 1800 yen

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