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Tazen Akagane Copper Workshop

Discover the Wonders of Sendai Copper at the Oldest Copper Producer in Sendai!

Location: Downtown Sendai

Tazen Copper Workshop

Handcrafted Kokeshi Japanese Wooden Doll Festival held yearly in Naruko, Miyagi Prefecture, Tohoku

An Opportunity to Experience Copper at One of the Oldest Companies in Sendai

Did you know that Japan produced the most copper in the world between the 17th and 18th centuries?


In Sendai, the copper tradition, formerly known as Akagane —literally "red metal"— was handled by Tazen, a local company founded over 420 years ago! Today, they are inviting curious minds to come and experience the wonders of Akagane for themeselves. Come and try your hand at shaping copper under the guidance of coppersmith expert Zen-san, inheritor of Tazen and its traditional craft. Not only will Zen-san guide you in creating your very own copper piece, but he will also share with you Sendai copper's rich history and special properties!

※The sign up form is in Japanese.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like us to make a reservation in your name!


Official Page (Japanese):

Entry Fee:  5500 yen

Location: Aoba Ichibancho, Sendai

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