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The Narrow Road of the Deep North Ikuo Hirayama Special Exhibition

Discover Ikuo Hirayama's inspiring works from his journey through Tohoku

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Dates: 20th–26th June

Location: Ishimakishi Museum, Ishinomaki, Miyagi

The Narrow Road of the Deep North Ikuo Hirayama Special Exhibition

Admire the complete set of works by Ikuo Hirayama's Narrow Road of the Deep North series depicting the sacred places of Tohoku. 

Ikuo Hirayama was a famous Japanese artist widely known for his paintings of Japanese landscapes. He traveled around Japan in his more mature years at the beginning of the Heisei Period (1989–2019) to create works around the theme of Japanese "roads". Two examples of the works from this period are the "Oku no Hosomichi" and the "Hiraizumi" series of paintings, which are on display in this exhibition.

The most popular series of works created by Hirayama originated from his visit to the Silk Road, also known as "The Road Transmitting  Buddhism," which became a driving force for many of his works.

Hirayama painted to of his works in Ishinomaki notably the "Kinkasan no Choyo (Sunrise over Kinkasan Island)" and "Kinkasan Koganeyama Shrine Main Hall" which are not to be missed. Another one of his famous works that will be on display is the "Seiryu Kandan Nashi (Oirase Gorge)".

About the Artist and his Ambitions

Hirayama's motivation to encapsulate Japan's natural landscapes through paintings were two fold:

First, he was concerned about the loss of historic landscapes as Japan became more developed and urbanized. He had a strong desire to preserve Japan's beautiful nature and culture in his works, which led him to getting involved in activities by the Red Cross regarding Japan's Cultural Properties and the preservation of the world's cultural heritage. He devoted his life to these efforts, and even pioneered the cultural property rescue project in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The second was his interest in how Buddhist teachings penetrated Japanese culture, and how buddhism matured and evolved on its journey from the Silk Road all the way to Nara. The Tohoku region in particular was given special interest due to it being considered as the "eastern terminus" of the "The Road Transmitting Buddhism".

Don’t miss this great opportunity to enjoy the masterpieces by one of the most famous Japanese Nihonga painters, Ikuo Hirayama!


Official Page (Japanese):

Time: 1:00PM–4:00PM

Entry Fee:

  • Adults: 800 yen
  • High school students: 500 yen
  • Elementary~Junior High School Students: 300 yen

Location: Ishimakishi Museum (石巻市博物館), Ishinomaki, Miyagi

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