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Tohoku Local Food Cafe vol. 15

The Shiso Prince is here!

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On Sendai Motions, we already introduced once Tohoku Local Food Cafe - an event that allows us to learn more about the products we eat here, in Tohoku. Approximately once in a month we come together to hear a presentation of a local food producer, to ask some questions, and to have a delicious meal in a good international company. It is not only a great possibility to get some information, but an opportunity to meet new friends, especially valuable to those who have just come to Sendai.


This time, on November 19th (Saturday), we are going to talk about shiso. This herb is a very important ingredient of Japanese cuisine in general and in Tohoku local cuisine in particular (take, for example, shiso maki, a type of snack that is very popular in Tohoku region). This time, Mr. Toshio Awano, a local producer of shiso from Misato town, is going to tell us a lot about how shiso is being grown and what challenges do the farmers face while growing it. After the talk, we will enjoy a dinner set, of course, containing shiso and a free talk.


Admission is 2000 yen (meal included). If you want to participate, please send an email to for a reservation (seats and portions are limited!)

See you at Miya cafe on 19th November!

Tohoku Local Food Cafe vol.15 - The Shiso Prince.

At Miya Cafe (Iroha-yokocho, 2-3-30, Ichiban-cho, Aoba-ku, Sendai)

November 19th , 19:00-21:00

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