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Healthy Kitchen Cocomitei

For the healthy Sendai!

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We all know that we are what we eat. If you want to be healthy, you must eat healthy food, that’s what we hear and read everyday, literally everywhere. But sometimes it seems too complicated. Is it actually possible to stay healthy, to stick to the right eating habits, if you are always on the run, surviving from eating out and buying bento, and when you don’t have so much money to buy food that would satisfy all that wise nutritionists that keep on telling us to rethink our way of eating?


Some specialists are actually not only talking about the importance of being healthy, but are offering a possibility to eat healthy food for reasonable prices. Cocomitei was started by these kind people.

“We mostly concentrate on those who find it difficult to eat properly”, says the manager, “People who work a lot, who are too busy to cook themselves and buy bento instead”. It started with bento - a ready-cook meal containing rice, fish or meat and some extra food like salad or tsukemono (Japanese pickles). The menu, created by specialists in nutrition, is meant to be satisfying for everyone and indeed it is.

In February 2013 a restaurant “Healthy Kitchen Cocomitei” opened in the busy area near Kokubuncho. Here, in a simple yet pleasant atmosphere, everyone can have a healthy, hearty, wonderfully tasty lunch for a very reasonable price. The manager, after hearing my comment about the incredible variety of the menu, says with a smile: “Right now we are using around 70 recipes. We don’t stick to Japanese cuisine. We have international staff as well, and the food we offer is international, too.”

There are many ways to enjoy your lunch at Cocomitei. You can choose a set meal and drink miso soup and coffee as much as you like. You can use buffet, take just as much food as you need and pay by weight. This is a very good way if you are not a big eater. You will have an impressing choice of around 20 hot meals and the same quantity of salads, as well as wonderful karaage (fried chicken) buffet and many different kinds of rice - white rice, genmai (brown rice), this season rice (with vegetables) etc. Or you can pay for all-you-can-eat buffet if you are hungry enough!

Right now there is only one Cocomitei restaurant in Sendai, but the situation may change, as the Cocomitei team has a lot of plans for the future. But for now, try once their lunch, feel the loving care they put in the meal they offer, and believe me - you will become a repeater!

Address: 2-22, Futsukamachi, Aoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi

Hours: 11-23

Tel: 022-797-5215

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