Cycling Sendai's Countryside in Autumn

    Rice fields, waterfalls and more


    Vegan restaurant run by former pro basketball player

    Three Scary Stories of Sendai

    Tales of terror in your neighborhood

    Sendai's Wild and Wacky Vending Machines


    Convenience You Never Asked For

    Sendai Motions Map

    Find places featured on Sendai Motions on our custom Google Maps!

    Discovering Sendai's Forgotten Coast

    Arahama 7 years after the tsunami


    A New Living Room for Gamers

    10 Secrets of Sendai Station

    How many of these surprises do you know about?

    Live + Rally Park


    Portland-Style cafe and gifts in Kotodai Park

    Singapore Night

    Just outside of the Sendai city center lies this sanctuary where guests are treated to delicious bakery and warm drinks.

    Spiritual Walk in Shibata and Ogawara

    Not all temples and shrines are created equal. Learn about spiritual diversity just a short train ride south of Sendai.

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