• Event Roundup: October 2021

    Brighten your autumn with fall foliage and cultural events galore

    Art Work Is Also Artwork

    Meet Aya Takada, Birdo Flugas founder

    and community creative extraordinaire

    Lacquerware Brooch Workshop

    Create a one-of-a-kind brooch using kanshitsu, an ancient form of lacquer

    Sake Expert, Sake Noob

    Getting real about tasting with a sake odd couple—rookie Chris and certified sommelier Justin Velgus

    Rugby Sightseeing in Kamaishi

    This small but proud industrial city has rugby in its blood

    Miyagi Beach Guide

    Updated for 2021

    Lunch with the Moomins

    We visit Domani, a Moomin-themed cafe in Soma City

    Making Pottery with Mrs. Wakako

    Fun and social pottery workshops at Togeikobo Waraku

    Constructing Creativity

    A conversation about architecture, art, and preserving heritage in Shiogama

    Marumo Bakery

    Sourdough heaven in Sendai

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