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Design of Finland

Rediscover Northern warmth

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People who were born in the North, really treasure their homes. Especially in winter. In summer, when night skies are still glowing and you can spend outside as much time as you like, it is still good to return home, of course, but nothing compares to those harsh winter days when you come through the glittering snow, wrapped up in a warm coat, a knitted scarf and hat, freezing, shivering, but knowing that their it is, your cosy room with a fireplace, an old armchair, a colorful blanket and your favourite cup with hot cocoa. These moments matter a lot to northerners. Probably this is what anyone who has ever visited Finland in winter can tell you. And maybe that is why Finnish design seems to incorporate all the warmth and cosiness of wood, wool, ceramics and glass and everything to make people from other countries, who don’t have to survive such severe winters and who don’t know what it feels like when your summer day never actually ends, experience the feeling of gratitude towards things that surround us.

Finland is a rather young country. 100 years ago it appeared on the world maps as an independent country, proud and new, with a task to make a reputation in the noble society of our planet Earth. And it did. Soon everyone knew what is Finland. Finland is a country of forests and lakes. Country of the people who manage to live in harmony with nature. Country that discovered simplicity again, and presented the world a way of living that we needed before and still need today - the quiet and bright everyday life.

What do you think about, when you hear of Finnish design? Happy Moomin family? Colorful, striking Marimekko designs? Or maybe Santa Claus’s house? The art of design in Finland went a long way, and actually this way didn’t start 100 years ago, as there already was a story of Finnish design before Finland gained independency. The ongoing exhibition on Design of Finland in The Miyagi Museum of Art grants us a possibility to rediscover this story, exploring different periods and getting to know many designers who contributed to the recognition of their country in the whole world of art by creating things that have an ability to warm our hearts.

The exhibition is until 24th December

Opening hours: 9:30-17:00 (Closed on Mondays and Holidays)

Place: The Miyagi Museum of Art

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