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Sometimes there is a much deeper meaning behind the things we enjoy everyday. Do we know what exactly we need to have a bowl of rice for lunch? What if the electricity go off for a day - how many things will disappear from our routine? And how about no electricity or gas for three days? What if you have to leave your home very urgently - what things shall you take with you? And do you really know how to use all those things stucked in your emergency bag?

Mr. Kawamura, the owner of ENstyle, apparently likes to think deep. “In 2011, after the earthquake and the tsunami, many people had to leave their homes and evacuate. They experienced the life they weren’t used to - among the people they hardly knew, without the things they are used to. So I started thinking about what can be helpful in this situation. I thought about selling things, that can be used in our everyday life and would help us in an emergency situation. And I’m sure that promoting outdoor culture is useful for the same reason. You enjoy and get prepared.”

A simple name ENstyle has a deep meaning, too. First, it is 縁 (en) - close ties with people around you. Then, it is 援 (en) - support. And finally, Mr. Kawamura’s dream is to promote this culture of getting used to living outdoors as a means to prepare for a possible disaster from Japan’s East to North, E -> N. Three different meanings in just two letters.

Mr. Kawamura is an experienced traveller himself, so he chooses only those things he is sure of. The range of products that can be purchased in ENstyle is very wide - there are rucksacks, little solar energy lamps, foldible coffee filters, unbreakable cups and even delicious instant food and supplements, so the client would be fully equipped for the adventure. Sendai Motions team couldn't try out everything, but we decided at least to taste some instant food sold at ENstyle. Our choice was wakame-gohan (boiled rice with sea weed) and shogayaki (pork stew with ginger). For wakame-gohan, we just had to pour some water inside the packaging. In 10 minutes we had a great rice with wakame sea weed, even better than the one we tried to cook ourselves! Shogayaki just had to be warmed in hot water, and it was very good also. So I guess it is a nice thing to have just in case if you are not in the mood for cooking.

Mr. Kawamura is always glad to offer some piece of advice as well. Here, in this small and cosy shop full of wonders, you can start your own unforgettable journey.

To be prepared is to seach for a deeper meaning of the things that surround you. But this process doesn’t neccessarily need to be serious and full of alarm. Anyway, nothing gives us more strength to survive in an emergency than an active rest and a healthy lifestyle. Let’s concentrate on that!

Nakamura building, 2nd Floor, 2–16–15 Honcho, Aoba, Sendai, Miyagi

Closed on Wednesdays

Hours: 12:00–21:00

Tel: 022-281-9237

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