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Event Roundup: November 2021

Say sayonara to autumn with art, food festivals, and one last blast of fall colors

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1. Taisho Koto Exhibition


Through November 7

Marumori, Miyagi

The koto is the national instrument of Japan. Come view antique koto—and even get to try playing one(!)—at this special exhibition. The venue is the historical and beautiful Sairi Yashiki, the former residence and storehouses of a prosperous Taisho-era merchant family.

Hours: 9:30–16:00

Closed days: Mondays

Admission: Free with purchase of Sairi Yashiki admission. Sairi Yashiki admission is ¥620 adults, ¥310 children.

Event details:

Sairi Yashiki details (English):

Location: Sairi Yashiki (齋理屋敷). Map here.

Access: 2.5 kilometers from Marumori Station, on foot or by rental cycle

2. Carving Exhibition at Sairi Yashiki


Through November 7

Marumori, Miyagi

An exhibition of all sorts of carving, from stone to fruit. In addition to viewing these works of art, visitors will also be able to try their hand at making a carving of their own (medium TBA)! The exhibition takes place at the historical and beautiful Sairi Yashiki property, home to the former residence and storehouses of a wealthy Taisho-era merchant family.

Hours: 9:30–16:00

Closed days: Mondays

Admission: Free with Sairi Yashiki admission. Sairi Yashiki admission is ¥620 adults, ¥310 children.

Event details:

Sairi Yashiki details (English):

Location: Sairi Yashiki (齋理屋敷). Map here.

Access: 2.5 kilometers from Marumori Station, on foot or by rental cycle

3. Akiu Lumina


Through November 21

Akiu Onsen, Sendai

Akiu Lumina the new umbrella name for all of the light-ups and other autumn events in Akiu area. It encompasses the award-winning Akiu Night Museum (see #4 for details), the longstanding Rairaikyo Gorge light up, and assorted smaller illuminations at attractions throughout the Akiu Onsen area, including Akiu Winery and Akiusha Restaurant. In addition to the open-air illuminations, galleries and workshops in the area will be offering special exhibitions, the most notable being the exhibition and projection installation at the Sasaki Art & Doll Museum. In conjunction with Akiu Lumina, cafes and restaurants and in the area will be offering extended evening hours.

Hours: 17:00–21:00 for main venues, others vary. See website for operating hours of individual venues.

Admission: Free, except for the Akiu Night Museum and Sasaki Art & Doll Museum admission. A joint admission ticket to both venues is ¥1,600.

Event details:

Location: Throughout the Akiu Onsen area. Map here (sightseeing & transportation hub Akiu Sato Center is pinned.)

Access by city bus: About 50 minutes from Sendai Station. At Sendai Station West Exit Bus Pool 8 (仙台駅西口バスプール8番のりば), board Akiu Line (秋保線) bus bound for Akiu Onsen (秋保温泉). Exact bus stop to alight at varies by desired destination, but the Akiu Sato Center (秋保・里センター) bus stop is a good one for accessing the central Akiu Onsen town area and Rairaikyo Gorge. Details here.

Access by Seibu Liner bus: About 40 minutes from Sendai Station. From Sendai Station Bus Stop 63 (仙台駅63番のりば), board Akiu・Kawasaki Sendai Seibu Liner (秋保・川崎 仙台西部ライナー) bus bound for Kawasaki-machi (かわさきまち). Alight at Akiu Sato Center (秋保・里センター) bus stop. Timetable here.

4. Akiu Night Museum 


Through November 23

Akiu Onsen, Sendai

Photo by Roger Smith

One of the most impressive autumn light-ups in Japan is right here in Sendai City! This artistic illumination won a DARC award in year, and features not only Instagenic views but also interactive aspects too, like a tree that makes noises if you hug it tree. The light-up takes place at Tenshukaku Gardens in Akiu Onsen, a nature leisure area featuring a traditional strolling garden, onsen baths, and a campground.

Hours: 17:00–21:00 (last entry 20:30)

Admission: Adults & children ages high school & up ¥800, Children ages 4 to junior high ¥200

Tenshukaku Gardens details (English):

Akiu Night Museum official website:

Location: Tenshukaku Gardens (天守閣自然公園). Map here.

Access: About 60 minutes by bus from Sendai Station, followed by a 15-minute walk. From Sendai Station West Exit Bus Pool Stop 8 (仙台駅西口バスプール8番), board bus bound for Akiu Onsen (秋保温泉). Alight at Akiu Onsen Yumoto (秋保温泉湯元) bus stop. Abridged timetable here.

5. The Doraemon Exhibition Fukushima


Through November 23

Fukushima City, Fukushima

An artistic tribute to pop culture icon Doraemon. Professional artists have created expressive works of their own inspired by this classic character and media franchise. Participating artists include Aida Makoto, who also exhibited in Miyagi's Reborn-Art Festival 2021, and the world-famous Takeshi Murakami.

Hours: 9:30–17:00 (last entry 16:30)

Closed days: November 1, 8, 15

Admission: ¥1,400 adults, ¥1,200 high school & junior high students, ¥500 elementary school students, children ages preschool & younger free

Official event website:

Location: Fukushima Prefectural Museum of Art (福島県立美術館). Map here.

Access: 2-minute walk from Bijutsukantoshokan-Mae Station, or a 21-minute walk from Fukushima Station

6. Tsurugajo Castle Fall Colors Light-Up


Through November 23

Aizu-Wakamatsu, Fukushima

With its unusual red tile roof, Tsurugajo is one of the most photogenic castles in Japan. At this evening event, enjoy the dramatic view of the castle illuminated, framed by fiery autumn leaves of the trees in the surrounding park.

Hours: Sunset–20:30

Admission: Free

Event details:

Castle details (English):

Location: Tsurugajo Castle (鶴ヶ城). Map here.

Access: By bus from Aizuwakamatsu Station, followed by a 5-minute walk. Alight at Tsuragajo Kitaguchi (鶴ヶ城北口) bus stop. Bus info here (English).

Access from Sendai: Aizu-Wakamatsu is about 150 minutes from Sendai by direct highway bus. No reservations needed. Timetable here.

7. Fall colors at Entsuin Temple


Through late November

Matsushima, Miyagi

The beauty of the gardens at Entsuin Temple rival those of Kyoto, especially in autumn. Though the temple's annual autumn light-up has unfortunately been cancelled this year due to concern over coronavirus, the gardens are still open for viewing during the daytime. In fact, some visitors may find the temple's gardens even more beautiful by day, with the vivid contrast of red autumn leaves against green moss more visible in daylight.

Dates: Late October–late November

Hours: 9:00–16:00 weekdays, 9:00–16:30 weekends & holidays

Admission: ¥300 adults, ¥150 high school students, ¥100 junior high & elementary school students

Temple details (English):

Fall color status updates at Entsuin official website:

Location: Entsuin Temple (円通院). Map here.

Access: 5-minute walk from Matsushimakaigan Station

8. Sendai Wara Art 


Through December 5

Wakabayashi Ward, Sendai

A fun and eco-friendly art show. Wara (straw), a byproduct of the rice harvest, is used to shape large sculptures. The event takes place at the horticultural center Midori no Mori, home to seasonally changing gardens and a farmer's market where you can purchase locally-grown produce and potted plants.

Hours: 9:00–17:00

Admisson: Free


Location: Sendai Nogyo Engei Center Midori no Mori (せんだい農業園芸センターみどりの杜). Map here.

Access: 10 minutes by bus or a 30-minute walk from Arai Station. From Arai Station, board a bus bound for Former Arahama Elementary School (旧荒浜小学校) via Nogyo Engei Center (農業園芸センター). Alight at Nogyo Engei Center bus stop. Timetable here.

9. Project 17: Kohta Kanazawa

Project - 17 金澤 弘太

Through December 24

Central Sendai

A solo exhibition by Kohta Kanazawa, part of The6 Gallery Project series. Kohta Kanazawa is a Sendai-based artist who began their journey into the world of professional art in 2012. Kohta often exhibits at some of the best cafes Sendai, like Cyan and Sendai Coffee Stand, and at hip galleries farther afield, like Art Drug Center in Ishinomaki and Sunaba Gallery in Osaka.

Hours: 9:00–18:00 weekdays

Closed days: Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays

Admission: Free


Location: The6, floor 3. Map here.

Access: 13-minute walk from Omachi Nishi-koen Station, or a 14-minute walk from Kita-Yobancho Station

10. Bamboo Lantern Illumination at Kibotcha


Through December 25

Higashimatsushima, Miyagi

A wooded dune illuminated by bamboo lanterns sounds magical enough already, but what makes this event all the more special is that the lanterns were made by Kohei Kawabuchi (皓平 川渕) and Takayasu Mori (森 崇泰), the Mie Prefecture–based duo who were the champions of last year's Nanairo Art Festival・Shinbi Kai! Those who make advance reservations can also enjoy a BBQ by the light of these artistic lanterns.

Hours: 10:00–21:00

Admission: Free

Reservations: None needed for viewing. Required for BBQ and glamping.


Location: Kibotcha Rinkan Beach (Kibotcha 林間ビーチ). Map here.

Access: 8-minute walk from Nobiru Station

11. E Beans Furuhon Matsuri secondhand book market & Big Record CD Market

E Beans 古本まつり&大レコードCD市

Through January 5

Central Sendai

Enjoy shopping with indie book and record sellers from across eastern Japan, all gathered in one convenient location just across the street from Sendai Station. The Furuhon Matsuri secondhand book event features 20 booksellers, like Usagi Shorin and Gensen-kan from Tokyo, and Abukuma Shoten and Omoide no Rekishi from the far reaches of Tohoku. The Dai Record CD Market event, held at same time and venue, will feature 10 record sellers at a time, with the sellers rotating roughly every three weeks.

Hours: 10:00–20:00

Closed days: November 11, December 2 & 23, January 1

Admission: Free

Book market details:

Record market details:

Location: EBeanS (イービーンズ). Map here.

Access: Across the street from Sendai Station

12. Dorohedoro  Exhibition: The World of Q Hayashida


Through January 10

Ishinomaki, Miyagi

Dorohedoro is a dark fantasy/sci fi manga series by Q Hayashida, recently turned into an anime. The main protagonist is a Caiman, a reptilian-headed amnesiac struggling to survive in a strange and violent world while trying to recover his memories. This exhibition is the first large-scale exhibition of paintings by the artist.

Hours: 9:00–18:00 (~17:00 December–February)

Closed days (for October): October 19

Admission: ¥840 adults, ¥520 junior high school students, ¥210 elementary school students, children ages preschool & younger free


Location: Ishinomaki Mangattan Museum (石森萬画館). Map here.

Access: 15-minute walk from Ishinomaki Station

13. Akiu Otaki fall colors & Attaka・Hokkori Akiu Otaki Botanical Garden Festival


November 3

Akiu area, Sendai

With "aki" (lit. "autumn") in the name, you'd think the Akiu area would be a great fall color spot—and you'd be right! The Akiu area is full of fiery fall colors every autumn, with the Akiu Otaki Falls a focal point of the scenery.

Across the street from Akiu Otaki Falls is the Akiu Otaki Botanical Gardens. In honor of Culture Day on November 3, the botanical gardens are offering free admission and a small festival. Highlights include handicraft workshops, and the beautiful fall colors of the gardens.

Hours: 9:00–16:00

Admission: Free! Admission to Akiu Falls is always free, but admission to the botanical gardens is free only on this day.

Akiu Otaki Falls details (English):

Event details:

Location: Akiu Otaki Falls (秋保大滝) & Akiu Otaki Botanical Garden (秋保大滝植物園). Maps here & here.

Access from Sendai Station: 60–80 minutes by bus. At Sendai Station West Exit Bus Pool Platform 8 (仙台駅西口バスプール8番のりば), board an Akiu Line (秋保線) bus bound for Akiu Otaki (秋保大滝). Alight at Akiu Otaki bus stop. Timetable here. Buses from Sendai Station to Akiu Otaki operate only on weekends & holidays. To visit the falls or the gardens on a weekday, catch a bus from Ayashi Station.
Access from Ayashi Station: About 40 minutes by bus. From Ayashi Station Bus Platform 2 (愛子駅2番乗り場), board a #83, 84, 85, 86, or 87 Akiu Homen Line (秋保方面線) bus bound for Nojiri (野尻町北) or Futakuchi (二口). Alight at Akiu Otaki (秋保大滝) bus stop. Timetable here. 

14. JAZZy Music Fair

November 3

Tomiya, Miyagi

A small open-air jazz festival featuring live performances by 9 jazz bands. The festival takes place at Tomiyado, the newly opened sightseeing center near the area where the Tomiya-juku post town was located during the Edo period.

Hours: 10:00–17:00

Admission: Free

Official website:

Location: Tomiyado (富谷宿観光交流ステーションとみやど). Map here.

Access: 30 minutes by bus from Izumi-Chuo Station, followed by a 6-minute walk. At Izumi-Chuo Station (泉中央駅), board bus bound for Tomiya (富谷). Alight at Tomiya bus stop. See timetable here.

15. Nanatsumori Pottery Festival


November 3

Taiwa, Miyagi

A local pottery in one of Miyagi's smallest towns. Pottery-related highlights include opening of the on-site wood-fired kiln, beginner-friendly pottery making experiences, and a half-price pottery market. In addition to the pottery highlights, the even will also feature live music and a local products market—items like handicrafts and fresh local produce. 

Hours: 9:00–16:00

Admission: Free (Usually ¥210 adults & ¥110 for children ages elementary to high school, but free for everyone the day of the festival.)


Location: Nanatsumori Togei Taiken-kan (七つ森陶芸体験館). Map here.

16. Kurashi no Ichi


November 6–7

Shiogama, Miyagi

A short train ride from Sendai Station brings you to Shiogama, home to the large Kurashi no Ichi craft and food market. The market boasts handmade goods sold by the artisans themselves, including pottery, ceramics, jewelry, desserts, breads, and more!

Hours: 10:00–15:00

Admission: Free

Languages: English OK

Event details (English):

Museum details (English):

Location: Shiogama City Sugimura Jun Museum of Art (塩竃市杉村惇美術館). Map here.

Access: 9-minute walk from Hon-Shiogama Station

17. Zao Highlands Daikon Picking & Cheese Fair


November 6–7

Zao-machi, Miyagi

Good cheese can be hard to come by in Japan. Lucky for us, we've got the Zao Dairy Center nearby! Come feast on their cheeses at this annual festival. A daikon-picking event is going on in the area at the same time. For ¥1000, you can pick as many daikon as you can fit in the large vinyl bag.

Hours (Cheese Fair): 9:00–15:30

Hours (daikon picking): 9:00–15:30 (November 7) 9:00–15:30 (November 8)

Admission: Free, daikon picking ¥1,000 per bag


Location (Cheese Fair): Zao Dairy Center (蔵王酪農センダー). Map here.

Location (daikon picking): fields in the Togatta Onsen Nanokahara area (蔵王町遠刈田温泉七日原). Map here.

Access: About 60 minutes by bus from Sendai Station, followed by a 30-minute walk. Board bus bound for Active Resorts Miyagi Zao (アクティブリゾーツ宮城蔵王), alight at Togatta Onsen (遠刈田温泉) bus stop. Timetable here.

18. Kesennuma Slow Festival


November 6–7

Kesennuma, Miyagi

A new festival celebrating local Kesennuma food and culture. Food naturally figures prominently into the festival with over 40 local makers presenting special dishes made from fresh-caught and freshly harvested ingredients, like shark-katsu sandwiches, hatto stew, and seafood soup curry. For entertainment in between rounds of eating and shopping, lion dance, taiko, and live musical performances will take place on an outdoor stage overlooking Kesennuma Port.

Hours: 10:00–16:00 November 6, 10:00–15:00 November 7

Admission: Free

Reservation: Required

Details: kesennuma-kanko-jp

Kesennuma Port details (English):

Location: Downtown Kesennuma around Kesennuma Port (気仙沼港) and the Murasaki Shrine Shotengai (紫神社商店街). Map here (pin is for Mukaeru, one of the main event venues).

Access: 1.7 km from Kesennuma Station on food, by rental cycle, or bus. For rental cycle details, see here (English).

Access by bus: About 6 minutes from Kesennuma Station (気仙沼駅). At the bus station in front of Kesennuma Station (気仙沼駅前), board a clockwise (時計回り) city loop (市内循環) bus. Alight at Minami-machi (南町) bus stop. Bus maps and timetables available here.

19. Pelolog: A Pelonmi solo exhibition


November 9–21

Central Sendai

A solo exhibition by Miyagi-based artist Pelonmi, who will be showing "everyday drawings" exploring the feelings evoked by daily life.

Hours: 11:00–19:30 (~17:00 Sundays)

Closed days: Mondays

Admission: Free


Location: Gallery Turnaround (ギャラリーターンアラウンド). Map here.

Access: 5-minute walk from Omachi Nishi-koen Station

20. Seiichiro Watanabe exhibition Haiku & Photo

渡辺誠一郎展 俳句と写真

November 9–21

Shiogama, Miyagi

The second installment of an exhibition series celebrating the work of artists who have contributed to the culture of Shiogama City. This installment showcases the haiku and photography of poet Seiichiro Watanabe.

Hours: 11:30–17:30

Closed days: Mondays

Admission: Free

Languages: English, Esperanto OK

Event details:

Gallery details (English):

Location: Birdo Flugas (ビルド・フルーガス). Map here.

Access: 10-minute walk from Hon-Shiogama Station

21. Niigata Sake Jam


November 12–14

Central Sendai

A sake festival featuring 88 sakes from breweries from across Niigata Prefecture—even far-flung Sado Island! Participating breweries include Musashino Shuzo, Masukagami, and Niigata Daiichi Shuzo. For those refraining from alcohol, craft amazake will also be available.

Hours: 14:00–20:00 November 12, 11:00–15:00 & 15:30–20:00 November 13, 10:00–14:00 & 14:30–18:00 November 14

Admission: ¥3,500 at the door, includes 10 drink tickets


Location: EBeanS (イービーンズ). Map here.

Access: Across the street from Sendai Station

22. Mt. Yakurai Night Hike


November 13

Kami, Miyagi

Mount Yakurai is a low mountain particularly popular with hikers at times when taller mountains are difficult to tackle, like in winter, or in the dark. Enjoy a cozy, festive-feeling night hike here this November, with the trail illuminated with small lanterns.

Though the trail will be illuminated, please still bring your own headlamp or flashlight, as there will still be spots along the trail where it's hard to see. Also, please remember to wear clothing and shoes appropriate for the weather and terrain. Though it's a relatively easy hike, it's still a proper trail that requires hiking boots or sturdy sneakers to traverse safely.

Hours: 17:30–20:30 (last entry 19:00)

Admission: Free

Event details:

Location: Mt. Yakurai (薬菜山). Map here.

23. Shunsuke Sawaguchi exhibition

澤口俊輔 展

November 14–December 2

Central Sendai

A solo exhibition by Shunsuke Sawaguchi, an artist based in Sendai and Yamagata. New, never-before-seen works will be displayed, including a wall-sized piece titled Essay, and various pieces under the theme of children.

Hours: 10:00–20:00 (~19:30 December 2)

Admission: Free


Location: Turn Another Round (アナラン) gallery on the seventh floor of Sendai Forus (仙台フォーラス). Map here.

Access: 3-minute walk from Hirose-dori Station, 5-minute walk from Aoba-dori Ichibancho Station, or 10-minute walk from Sendai Station

24. Zuihoden Fall Colors Meguri & Lantern Asobi


November 19–28

Central Sendai

Enjoy fall colors with a side of history at Zuihoden this fall. By day you can enjoy the fall colors at this opulent mausoleum dappled in sunlight; as dusk approaches, bamboo lanterns will illuminate the grounds.

Hours: 15:30–16:50

Closed days: None during event period

Admission: ¥570 adults & college students, ¥410 high school students, ¥210 junior high & elementary school students

Event details:

Zuihoden details (English):

Location: Zuihoden (瑞鳳殿). Map here.

Access by rail: 20-minute walk from Omachi Nishi-koen Station (Sendai Subway Tozai Line).
Access by bus: 15 minutes from Sendai Station. Board a Loople Sendai bus at Sendai Station; alight at bus stop #4 Zuihoden Mausoleum. Bus info here (English).

25. Akiu Craft Fair Tenten


November 20–21

Akiu Onsen, Sendai

An open-air artisan fair event featuring artisanal food and craft, plus live music. 55 artisan stalls will be set up, featuring sophisticated handicrafts such as pottery, glasswork, woodworking, and leather craft. Visitors can of course shop, but are also invited to craft their own items at workshops booths, like glass beadmaking and textile dyeing using plant leaves. The food area will feature 11 food trucks/stalls hailing from Miyagi, Fukushima, and Iwate, serving fare such as craft chai, meat skewers, Ethiopian curry, and wine from Akiu Winery.

Hours: 10:00–15:00

Admission: ¥100 for craft area. Those who come by Seibu Liner bus will receive a ticket for free admission upon disembarkation at the Kinoie-mae bus stop.

Official event website:

Location: Kinoie Lodge Village (木の家・ロッジ村). Maps here & here.

Access (Kinoie Lodge Village): 35 minutes from Sendai Station. At Sendai Station bus stop 63, board a Kawasaki Seibu Liner (秋保・川崎 仙台西部ライナー) bus bound for Kawasaki-machi (かわさきまち). Alight at Kinoie-mae (木の家前) bus stop. Timetable here.

26. Osaki Food & Fun Festival


November 20–21

Osaki, Miyagi

Celebrating local food specialties from inside and outside the prefecture. Part of the fun is the festival's location—right next to the famous fall color spot Naruko Gorge. Fill your belly at the festival, then walk it off with a stroll down the path that leads to the bottom of the gorge.

This festival is usually held in late spring, but was postponed this year due to concern over coronavirus.

Hours: 10:00–15:00

Admission: Free

Event details:

Naruko Gorge details (English):

Location: The plaza in front of the Naruko Gorge Rest House (鳴子峡レストハウス). Map here.

Access: 2 kilometers on foot or by rental bicycle from Nakayamadairaonsen Station. Rental cycle details here.

27. Juunen Harvest Festival


November 20–21

Marumori, Miyagi

Juunen is a kind of yamaimo tuber that grows well in the southern Miyagi area. "Juunen" means "ten years" in Japanese. The tuber is nicknamed that because it's so healthy that eating it is said to add ten years to one's life. The festival this year will feature sales of just-harvested juunen, plus other inaka specialties like egoma seeds and oil.

Hours: 10:00–16:00

Admission: Free


Location: Iki Iki Koryu Center Oouchi (いきいき交流センター大内). Map here.

28. Jun Sugimura: The Legend of the Presence and Absence of Objects "The Rhythm of Colors"

杉村惇 作品展 存在と空間の伝説

November 20–January 16

Shiogama, Miyagi

"Jun Sugimura was known as the 'still life painter' for his unique work, in which he gathered together everyday objects of various shapes, textures, sizes, and colors to create his vivid and strong impressionistic paintings."

"This exhibition features works from his later years that are in the collection of the City of Sendai, as well as works he painted in Hokkaido as a member of the munitions production art promotion team in 1943, and a handwritten manuscript describing his memories of Shiogama for the first time."

—Shiogama City Sugimura Jun Museum of Art

Hours: 10:00–17:00

Closed days: Mondays* & December 28–January 4. *If Monday is a public holiday, the museum will be open Monday and closed Tuesday instead.

Admission: ¥500 adults, ¥400 college & high school students, children ages junior high & under free

Languages: English OK

Event details (English):

Museum details (English):

Location: Shiogama City Sugimura Jun Museum of Art (塩竃市杉村惇美術館). Map here.

Access: 9-minute walk from Hon-Shiogama Station

29. Kesennuma Iwaisaki Araiso Festival


November 23

Kesennuma, Miyagi

A seaside harvest festival, where visitors can buy top-quality ingredients direct from local fishermen as well as farmers. The venue for this open-air market is located just a short walk from some of southern Kesennuma's best sightseeing spots: the tsunami museum at the ruins of Koyo High School is located just next door, and a short walk is Iwaisaki, a scenic cape with a workshop where you can try making your own salt—no reservations needed!

Hours: 9:00–13:00

Admission: Free

Event details:

Location: A special event venue set up at Hajikamisemukai 75-91, Kesennuma City (宮城県気仙沼市波路上瀬向75-91). Map here.

Access: 20-minute walk from Rikuzen-Hashikami Station

30. Sendai Comiket 266


November 28

Miyagino Ward, Sendai

It's back! Sendai Comiket is similar to other Comikets in that it's a gathering of cosplay and dojinshi fans. But unlike the bigger Comikets, the Sendai one is held several times thoughout the year so it's much less crowded.

Hours: 11:00–15:00

Admission: TBA (usually ¥500–¥800)

Comiket 266 details:

Past Sendai Comiket report (English):

Location: Yume Messe Miyagi (夢メッセみやぎ). Map here.

Access: 15-minute walk from Nakano-Sakae Station

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