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Free Tours in Downtown Sendai!

Discover Sendai's Shotengai Shopping Districts With a Trained Guide

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Dates: 10th, 18th & 24th June 2022

Location: Downtown Sendai

Free Downtown Sendai Must-See Tour

Free Downtown Sendai Must-See Tour this June 2022

Discover Sendai's local lore and must-visit downtown spots with a guide for FREE!

For a limited time, the SENDAI Tourist Information Desk is offering FREE guided walking tours in Sendai's downtown shopping districts! The tour, which normally costs 1000 yen, is a trial run for the seven new volunteer English-speaking guides who have been training since April. During the 90-minute tour, they will take you through Sendai's must-see shopping areas, urban temples and shrines, retro Japanese yokocho alleyways, century-old stores, and much more!

To participate in the downtown fun, be sure to sign up here!


  1.     Bunka Yokocho
  2. Iroha Yokocho
  3. Nonaka Shrine
  4. Basho no tsuji intersection
  5. Fujisaki Department Store
  6. Kokeshi no shimanuki
  7. Abe kamaboko
  8. Mitakisan Fudoin Temple.


Official Page:


  • 10th June (Friday) 2:30PM–4PM
  • 10th June (Friday) 4PM–5:30PM
  • 18th June (Saturday) 3PM–4:30PM
  • 18th June (Saturday) 4:30PM–6PM
  • 24th June (Friday) 2:30PM–4PM
  • 24th June (Friday) 4PM–5:30PM

Entry Fee: None

Location: SENDAI Tourist Information Desk

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