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Ichigo World

Let's go ichigo hunting!

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I am totally convinced that strawberries are not made for being served in small numbers on a pretty tiny plate with a pretty tiny fork. Strawberries are made for mad, irresponsible feasts, when the last five or so strawberries you eat are definitely too much for you, but you just can’t stop eating.

Unfortunately, there are not many chances to eat strawberries in this way unless you have a strawberry farm. Or unless you are in Yamamoto.

Hardly struck by 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, Yamamoto is reviving now, and one of the factors supporting its revival is strawberry production. One of the most popular attractions of Yamamoto is Ichigo-gari, strawberry hunting, possible at many strawberry fields located in the town.

Today we will introduce one of them - Ichigo World. On this big strawberry farm, provided with the most up-to-date equipment to produce the sweetest and shiniest strawberries for the most refined supermarkets of Tokyo, you can engage in a massive strawberry hunt just for 1500 yen!

The stuff are constantly monitoring the humidity and temperature level.

No matter what is going outside, it is warm and humid in the greenhouse - home for thousands of famous strawberries. There is enough space for everyone - children can run free, making a fun competition, and there are no worries for those who are using a wheelchair.

The greenhouse has a resting space, so if you get tired, you can always have a rest on a bench. And strawberries! As soon as you get inside, I bet this is the first thing you will lay your eyes on. After the stuff carefully instructs how to pick a strawberry without hurting the plant itself, hungry strawberry hunters can start their quest.

The strawberries of Ichigo World are incredibly sweet and juicy. Every single berry seems to embody the most beloved qualities of strawberries on the highest level. And the gentle harmony of colors - bright red over deep green - creates the jolly summer mood, so it is very easy to forget that it is March and it is still cold outside.


To add some sweetness (if it is not already sweet enough) - there is a condensed milk for free and chocolate fountain for the additional cost of 200 yen.


After the strawberry madness, don’t forget to check out the souvenir shop! Carefully selected strawberries, strawberry sparkling wine, strawberry gelato and sherbet, as well as some other products from local producers - there are many things to taste.

Bumblebees are living here, too! They work as pollinators, so they are working bees after all.

Strawberries could be the most adorable thing in the world, but I guess that the most important thing we can get in Yamamoto is a bit of summer joy in the middle of spring. This is priceless.

47 Sakura tsutsumi, Yamadera aza, Yamamoto, Watari District, Miyagi

See website for season- generally January- end of May.

Hours: 10:00–16:00

Tel: 050-3637-0015

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