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Machikuru Carnival in Sendai

It's a kind of magic!

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Last weekend, Sendai became a circus. We had clowns, jugglers, magicians and acrobats right on the same streets that we walk every day. If you happened to be in Sendai, you were lucky. If not - don’t worry, this is not the last time as street performances are here to stay.

The history of street performances in Sendai is not very long. Machikuru Performers Sendai, who are in charge of bringing us all these incredible people, are trying hard to help street performers to feel at home in Sendai and to bring more attention to this interactive art. This year, the second Sendai Machikuru Carnival of Street performance took place, gathering many people who love street performances and, I guess, many of those who saw acrobats or jugglers on the street for the first time.

The art of street performance is so great because it is so close to us. You can touch the performer, have a conversation, take part yourself and, eventually, it is you who decided how good it was. It is traditional and new at the same time, and it is always personalized. Every performer is a jewel with a unique personality and style.

This is what we could see on Sunday, moving from one square to another, finding ourselves in traditional Japan, then in a magical balloon world, and then suddenly witnessing a breakdance-juggling show.

These people are amazing. Taiheiyo, a handsome guy in traditional-style clothes who likes fish and the sea is joggling with kentama (I never knew you can do things like that with a kentama!), doing an impressing performance with an umbrella and a tightrope walking.

Just a few meters away, a sparkling duet Hanbesu is performing a juggling act with... traffic cones. No, really - traffic cones!

What’s next? My daughter’s favourite - Street Entertainer Ryu. A bright personality, great juggling and magic, Rubik’s Cube combination in a minute. I love his sense of humour - he can make laugh everyone from three-year olds to their parents and grandparents.

Or maybe you should see Balloon Performer Sakura. But forget about the usual balloon things like dogs and flowers. How about Super Mario Bros? Or a fruit basket? And you never know what exactly is she making until she is done!

And there is Daggle Komei, who is performing something unique. By combining joggling with street dance, he has created an act of a perfect harmony, traditional and new mixed together.

Of course, there are many more. Magicians, mimes, bike performers, Machikuru Performers have it all. You can meet them everywhere. In a shopping district. Near a stadium. On 17th September, there will be a performance in Ichibancho from 11:00 to 17:00.

And then - just check the schedule here - Or - if you see a big crowd gathering in one spot, check it out. Maybe there is magic happening there.

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