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Miyagi Kawasaki Hasekura Tsunenaga Festival 2022

A Historical Event Filled With Festivities

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Dates: 6th June

Location: Kawasaki Town, Miyagi Prefecture

Miyagi Kawasaki Hasekura Tsunenaga Festival​ 2022

Discover Miyagi Prefecture and Japan's Rich History and Culture through the Kawasaki Hasekura Tsunenaga Festival!

Discover Miyagi's Rich History and Culture through the Kawasaki Hasekura Tsunenaga Festival!

Kwasaki Town was the birthplace and home town of Lord Hasekura Tsunenaga, a very important figure in the Sendai Domain. Lord Hasekura was not only Lord Masamune Date's right hand man, but also the first samurai to ever visit Europe under the feudal lords order some 400 years ago.

The Miyagi Kawasaki Tsunenaga Hasekura Festival​ is a yearly event celebrating the great achievements of Lord Hasekura Tsunenaga, along with the history of his hometown, Kawasaki, to future generations.

The matsuri festivities will feature various must-see events, including an opening ceremony reenacting the handover of the personal letter from Lord Masamune to Lord Hasekura, a parade representing Lord Hasekura's voyage, as well as live music and theatrical performances by warlord impersonators.

This festival should definitely be on your bucket list as a unique opportunity to experience Miyagi Prefecture's unique culture and history.


Official Page (Japanese):

Time: 10:00AM–3:00PM 

Entry Fee: None

Location: Special Event Space in front of Kawasaki Town Hall, Miyagi Prefecture

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