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National Yakimono Fair in Miyagi

A Pottery Fair Including Fresh Baked Goods!

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Dates: 14th – 18th July

Location: Dream Messe Miyagi, Sendai

National Yakimono Fair in Miyagi

Pottery exhibition and sales point alongside fresh baked goods in Sendai July 14th to 18th 2022

Baked goods, both the kind you eat, and the kind you display (pottery!)

In Japanese, both fresh baked goods, like bread, and pottery fresh from the kiln are called "baked goods" or yakimono! This fair plays with the dual meaning of this word by not only presenting viewers with yakimono pottery from over 200 kilns and potters across Japan, but also makes freshly baked goods, such as breads and pastries, available to them too. Come and admire the unique works of art by talented Japanese artists alongside some delicous baked goodies. The food and pottery are both fresh from the oven, just waiting to be enjoyed!


  • 500 yen pre-order ticket
  • 600 yen at the venue
  • 400 yen for an afternoon ticket (price is the same both at the venue or pre-ordered)

You can pre-order your tickets from the 6th of May until the 13th of July at Lawson Ticket (L Code: 22929), Seven Ticket, or Anvue.


Official Page (Japanese):

Time: 10:00AM–5:00PM (last entry at 4:30PM; last day ends at 4:00PM)

Entry Fee: 500 yen (pre order ticket), 600 yen at the venue, 400 yen (pre order afternoon ticket from 2:00PM), 400 yen at the venue from 2:00PM

Location: Dream Messe Miyagi, Sendai

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