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O-Yakushi-san Handcraft Market

New faces every month!

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More than half a year has passed since the second subway line opened in Sendai, but its stations are still something new for me. Like Yakushido station. We could devote a post to the remains of Mutsu Kokubunji and a magnificent Yakushido sanctuary, but this time we will concentrate on a monthly event happening on 8th day of every month - O-Yakushi-san handcrafts market(お薬師さんの手づくり市).

There are a lot of people in Sendai who love to create things and are willing to offer their creations to the public. In O-Yakushi-san handmade market, you can find almost everything that can be described as “handmade” plus food products (can’t imagine a Japanese handmade market without food!). From professional jewelry to lovely amateur-made accessories - it’s a good way to spice up your attire or find some sweet little souvenir for your family and friends outside Sendai.

One interesting point that makes this event different from many other handmade markets around Japan is its religious aspect. 8th day of every month is an ennichi (related day) for Yakushi-nyorai, the buddhist deity worshipped in Yakushido. This deity is well-known for his healing powers and very beloved among Japanese. If you come a little bit earlier, before 9 o’clock, you will have a chance to see a service at the main hall of Yakushido, that is usually quite hard to get in. The actual market starts from 10. Besides, as this day has a religious meaning, O-Yakushi-san handmade market almost never gets cancelled. This time, in September, even the forthcoming typhoon couldn’t stop the event.

The participating sellers come from different parts of Sendai and some of them can’t be seen elsewhere, so you can even find something absolutely new and unique. There is a rule that a shop cannot participate twice in a row, so if you already have been once, next month the market might be a brand new world for you.

3 Chome-8-1 Kinoshita, Wakabayashi Ward, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture

8th day of the month.

Hours: 10:00–15:00

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