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Rakuten Kobo Park Miyagi

Basebal day!

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When you come to Sendai, you start living with Eagles. No matter if you like baseball or not, you will see people wearing T-shirts and caps with Eagles symbolics, you will hear their team song Habatake Rakuten Eagles, and, eventually, you will find yourself talking about Eagles, discussing their games, even comparing them with some other baseball teams, none of which is quite familiar to you. I guess, when a foreigner in Sendai finally decides to visit Miyagi Baseball Stadium to see their game, it becomes a kind of initiation as Sendai resident.

For me, the main question was how to satisfy the needs of all family members. We are not very familiar with baseball, but we wanted to feel the atmosphere, to be a part of this great phenomenon. Besides, we have a very young Rakuten Eagles fan (3 years old), who wanted to see the game so much, but probably wouldn’t enjoy watching it for a long time. We shouldn’t have worried. Miyagi Baseball Stadium, that is, Kobo Park Miyagi, can be a great place to spend a day for everyone.

Two hours before the game start, Kobo Park Miyagi was already crowded with people. Grown-ups, kids, seniors were walking around, shopping at the team shop, taking photos of the team mascots and enjoying the first really hot day of this summer. That day Eagles were playing with Fukuoka Softbank hawks and we were told that the game should be very interesting.

Having come early, we were granted a pleasant surprise - it was Eagles Kids day, so our daughter received Eagles uniform for free. She was delighted!

By the way, if you want to receive a Black Eagles shirt for your child, too, here is the next Black Eagles Day schedule:


9/13(Wed) Get BLACK EAGLES Jersey for FREE!


9/16(Sat)-9/18(Mon) FREE Attractions Ride!

It seems that kids are the main guests in Kobo Park Miyagi - so many attractions and presents are prepared for them! Before the beginning of the game, little Rakuten Eagles fans were playing games, buying souvenirs, eating kakigori and popcorn, and apparently were enjoying themselves.

Their parents were discussing the game that is about to begin while sipping beer and enjoying delicious meals at the food court.

And finally - the game has begun! This was my very first baseball game, and although I still have troubles with understanding the rules, I was soon absorbed by what happened down there, on the field. The fans were singing special rhymes for every single Eagles player, waving their black banners with red eagle (it looked incredibly cool and spectacular), and the team was doing its’ best, although it wasn’t their lucky day.

Meanwhile, our own little fan finally got bored after an hour of watching. This kind of situation is not a problem, too - simply it is time to visit Smile Glico Park.

Here children can enjoy pretty merry-go-round and a big trampoline called Boyon Boyon.

Grown-ups can have a picnic, drink something and watch the game from there.

And, of course, maybe the greatest pleasure of the event - you can try an observation wheel to see the whole park and the stadium surroundings from the skies! It may be that the sight of the game from above would become your dearest memory from this day.

Above all, a visit to Kobo Park Miyagi gives a very special feeling of belonging here, in Sendai, because supporting a local team is a one more way to express your love to this city.

Ganbare, Eagles!

Definitely check Rakuten Eagles website:

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