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Reborn Art Festival 2022

The ultimate celebration of art, food, and music on Miyagi's Northern-Coast

Date: 20th August – 2nd October 2022

Location: Ishinomaki City

Reborn Art Festival 2022


Reborn Art Festival's White Deer mascot sculpture with an ocean background

A festival celebrating local art, music, and food all in one event!

The Reborn-Art Festival is a unique opportunity for visitors to experience art, music, and food throughout central Ishinomaki, Onagawa, and the Oshika Peninsula.

Artists present contemporary pieces reflecting their vision of this year's festival theme: altruism and fluidity. The magnificent White Deer "Oshika" sculpture, which serves as the symbol for the festival, stands on a beach hill overlooking the ocean.

What's more, pop-up restaurants serving dishes that incorporate local ingredients, as well as events, such as the Ishinomaki Food Adventure, allow visitors to explore local ingredients and cuisine with local fishermen and artists. Musical performances, concerts, and traditional Japanese festival dances are also featured.


Official Page (Japanese):

Entry Fee: None

Location: Ishinomaki City

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