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Sake Night at the Aquarium 2022

Come support Miyagi Prefectures's local breweries!

Date: Saturday May 28th 2022

Venue: Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium, Downtown Sendai

Aquarium Sake Night 

Iroha Yokocho Festival Event happening in Sendai the weekend of May 27th, 28th and 29th of May 2022

Enjoy the very best sake from different regions of Miyagi Prefecture alongside relaxing aquarium views.

The Sake Night Aquarium is an annual event running since 2017, reserved for adults over the age of 20. It was originally created in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 as a way to support and showcase Miyagi Prefecture's local breweries. 

Featured are six breweries from Miyagi Prefecture's representative port towns, notably Otokoyama Honten and Kakuboshi from Kesennuma, Hirakou Shuzo from Ishinomaki, Saura and Abekan Shuzo from Shiogama, and Sasaki Shuzoten from Yuriage. What's more, the Zao Shuzo and Kinai Shuzo breweries will make an appearance as this year's special guests! The breweries will all serve the sake's themselves with the hopes of sharing the wonders of sake with the guests.

※You are free to visit the aquarium on the day of your visit.


There are no same-day tickets, however the Advance Admission Tickets can be purchased here (Japanese only), or at Lawson, Seven Eleven, or Mini Stop Convenience Stores. Tickets will be sold until the 27th of May 11:59PM. Selling for 3600 yen, the Advance Admission Ticket includes an event exclusive glass of sake as well as two tasting tickets.

Sold at the venue:

  • One drink ticket = 300 yen
  • 4 drink set ticket = 1000 yen 
  • Special sake = 2 drink tickets


Official Page (Japanese):

Time: 6:30PM–9:30PM (reception starts at 5:50PM, last admission 9:00PM)

Entry Fee: Advance Admission Ticket 3600 yen
Admission ticket with sashimi 4700 yen (sold out)

Location: Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium

Access: 15 minutes walk from Nakanosakae Station or Free Shuttle Bus from Nakanosakae Station between 5:45PM–9:45PM (15 minute intervals)

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