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Sake, Wine, and English-Speaking Chef at Kofuku

Superb Japanese Cuisine 

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[Note that since this article was first published the chef has moved on to a restaurant named George]

Did you know that in Sendai, there is a restaurant that serves exquisite seasonal local delicacies, has an excellent selection of BOTH sake and wine, and the chef is happy to talk to you in English? It may sound too good to be true, but that’s what Kofuku (小福) is.

Located along a quiet street near Sendai Mediatheque and Jozenji-dori Avenue, Kofuku is an ideal spot to casually enjoy quality local food and drink. Of course, it is more expensive than neighborhood nationwide izakaya franchises, but it id definitely worth a try.

One thing this place always reminds me of is the richness of food ingredients Sendai is blessed with. At Kofuku, you can fully enjoy the advantage of being in a decently large city close to both mountain and the sea. In springtime, the best Sansai (山菜, mountain vegetable)is served in delicate tempura, and brilliant seafood is available all year round as the chef carefully selects the in-prime fish everyday.

 Sansai Tempura (山菜の天ぷら, Mountain vegetable tempura)

And if the dishes above looked a little too-Japanese for you, there are more familiar-tasting choices for you too, such as grilled meat that comes in a wide variety.

Another reason we love Kofuku is the variety/quality of sake and wine it offers. Their selection of sake covers great breweries of Tohoku, plus quality bottles from other regions. Also, they have lesser known (or limited-brewed) bottles from famous local breweries. They are always happy to recommend you a sake depending on your mood and food.

Their selection of wines are no less fascinating, too. Under the same company-group, they actually have a sister Italian restaurant, which allows them to have an access and good knowledge about wines. Staff members of Kofuku themselves are quite knowledgeable about wine too. They will give you a wine list along with their sake equivalent.

For the Sendai Motions team, Kofuku has always been a strong candidate when we receive visit from abroad, and it never disappoints. Very importantly for international visitors, Omiya-san, the chef speaks English and will be happy to talk to you if you’re not familiar to Japanese. For your casual night out, special occasions, or taking your visiting friend to—Kofuku will provide you great Sendai food experience.


3–11–5 Kokubuncho, Aoba, Sendai, Miyagi 980–0803

Closed on Mondays

Hours: 17:30–26:00 for Tuesdays–Saturdays, and 17:30–24:00 for Sundays

Tel: 022–398–6873

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