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Sendai Museum Guide, 2016 September

Cats, journeys and galaxy

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Sendai Motions is starting a new project, a monthly news report about Sendai museums. There are so many great museums in Sendai that are definitely worth visiting! We will concentrate on special exhibitions, but if there is no special exhibition at the moment, it doesn't mean you can't find something exciting.

So, the autumn is almost there and it's time to say goodbye to the sea and beaches and hello to pumpkin latte and red leaves everywhere (including super markets). And if you feel a little bit sad and need something to cheer yourself up (like I do, honestly saying), you should visit “Cat and Human story” at Sendai Literature Museum (Sendai Bungakukan). Cats have been living near us for centuries, becoming a source of inspiration for numerous writers, poets, artists and photographers. This exhibition will tell you more about the way cats have influenced Japanese art (especially literature), but don't worry if you don't speak Japanese – there is a mini-exhibition of photographer's Mitsuaki Iwago works, and these don't require any special Japanese knowledge – just a bit of love for cats!

The exhibition can be seen from September, 10 to November 6.

The Sendai Literature Museum can be accessed by bus from Sendai station, bus pools 2, 3, 4, 6. Or you can walk from subway Dainohara station through the scenic Dainohara park.

For more info, check out their site: (Japanese only)

By the way, do you like traveling? Traveling is very important in Japanese culture. Japanese poets and artists travelled throughout Japan in search for inspiration, visiting famous nature sites and religious places, or just imagined their perfect journey while staying at home.

Fukushima Art Museum (in fact, it's in Sendai, so you don't need to go to Fukushima) offers some insight into these amazing journeys of days past, exhibiting art, poetry, souvenirs and some other items associated with traveling. You can enjoy the atmosphere of visiting famous sites of Japan like Fujiyama while staying in Sendai. A great start for an autumn season!

The exhibition can be seen from September, 14 to November, 23.

Fukushima Art Museum can be accessed by bus going to Wakabayashi or Akiu (get off the bus at Ishigakimachi), or by subway (Atagobashi station).

Finally, something amazing is happening at the Sendai Observatory. Fine artist KAGAYA has created a huge masterpiece, depicting the fantastic world of Kenji Miyazawa's “Night on the Galactic Railroad”. If you love Kenji Miyazawa, that is something you shouldn't miss, but even if you haven't read this touching fantasy novel, KAGAYA's visual version of it will leave you breathless.

The exhibition can be seen until September, 25 in Sendai Observatory.

For access and other info, check out their guide:

That's all for today, hope you will find some time to visit these exhibitions!

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