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Sendai Museum Guide, August

When you are not swimming

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I think that right now everyone is much more into swimming and sun-bathing than spending time indoors, but anyway - at least rainy days create a good opportunity to visit some exhibition. This month, you can find a new travel destination, witness Sendai the way it used to be long ago and get to know a very nice illustrator from Sendai.

First of all, do you know something about Latvia? A small country in Northern Europe is not very famous (yet), but recently it is getting more and more attention because of its unusual architecture. The capital of Latvia, Riga, while having kept the overall structure of a medieval city, consists of districts with absolutely different architectural styles dominating. In 2016, architecture journal a+u(建築と都市: Architecture and Urbanism) dedicated a whole issue to the architecture of Latvia, and the exhibition based on this issue can be seen at Miyagi University.

This is a great chance to get to know this amazing small country and maybe select a new place to visit on your next trip to Europe.

Where: Miyagi University Taiwa campus, Bridge bld. gallery

When: until August 9

Everyday 10:00-17:00

Charge: Free

There is a great chance to learn more about Sendai, too. In Sendai City Museum of History and Folklore, the 4th exhibition of Nostalgic Sendai  なつかし仙台4 is on display.

This time, the exhibition concentrates on the end of 19th century - the first half of 20th century, presenting personal photos and family albums of people who lived in Sendai and witnessed its rapid change. But nothing is more surprising than seeing the things that haven’t changed quite a lot in the last 100 years or so. Can you find such places in Sendai?

Where: Sendai City Museum of History and Folklore

When: Until November 5th

Everyday except Mondays, National Holidays and every 4th Thursday, 9:00-16:45

Charge: 240 (High school students 180, school children 120)

And finally, in Sendai City Literature Museum, you can visit the prettiest exhibition of Toyota Kazuhiko illustrations.

Toyota Kazuhiko was born in Sendai and is famous as children books illustrator. His adorable pictures have won the hearts of many Japanese children and their parents, and they definitely can win the hearts of foreigners, too. Come and enjoy!

Where: Sendai City Literature Museum

When: Until August 27

Everyday except Mondays, National Holidays and every 4th Thursday, 9:00-17:00

Charge: 570 (High school students 230, school children 110)

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