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The 53rd Exhibition "Shigeo Fukuda's Poster!"


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Dates: 26th March – 3rd July 2022

Location: Ninohe City, Iwate Prefecture

The 53rd Exhibition "Shigeo Fukuda's Poster!"

Rediscovery the fun and joy of design!

What does "design" mean to you? Depending on the person there can be many ways to not only to express it, but also to perceive it. This exhibition features posters created by Shigeo Fukuda, which draw the eye of the viewer due to their simple and easy-to-understand layout. More impressive still, is his unique style which mixes in humor and illusion, reminding the viewer of the many fun things the world has to offer if only we change our point of view. In today's world of many complex problems, Fukuda's designs will surely provide a moment of relaxation for the soul!


Official Page (Japanese):

Time: 9:00AM–5:00PM

Entry Fee:

  • Adults and high school students: 200 yen
  • Middle school and elementary school students: 100 yen
  • Children younger than elementary school age: free

Location: 2nd floor of Shigeo Fukuda's Design Building, Ninohe City, Iwate Prefecture

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