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“Air Shrine” is a shrine that has no building and enshrines the air

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Tucked into a beautiful forest in Asahi Town, located in the heart of Yamagata Prefecture, quietly stands Kuki Jinja (Air Shrine). Unlike all other shrines, Kuki Jinja has no building; its mirror surface reflects the surroundings, signifying our gratitude to the air.

Although it is an official shrine, it is a relatively young one, having been established in 1990. It was created when the townspeople wondered, “The air is such a crucial element for life, and yet there is no shrine to celebrate it?” Kuki Jinja is now a beloved part of the town, and the Air Festival is held the first weekend in June.

Along the path that lead up to the shrine, minimalistic monuments, each representing specific elements such as wood, fire, earth, gold and water greet visitors before reaching the shrine.

Together with the fascinating nature and delicious food that Asahi Town offers, this amazingly minimalist, self-reflecting shrine offers you a rare, refreshing experience. Why not make a visit at this one of a kind shrine to rediscover the beauty of Tohoku?

空気神社 (Air Shine) Kuuki Jinja

Address: Shirakura 745–1, Asahimachi, Nishi-Murayama District, Yamgata Prefecture

Closed in winter

Official page:

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