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Free Paper Challenge!

Sendai Motions is going to expand!

Dear readers of Sendai Motions! Since August, we have been offering you an insight into Sendai’s beauty and amazingness. In the year 2017 we are going to present more tourist spots, more temples and shrines, more cafes, more shops and more, and more, and more. Hope that our work brings you, guys, a lot of good moments to remember about Sendai.


And now, we, the Sendai Motions team, believe that it is time for us to expand. When foreigners come to Sendai for the very first time, they don’t know about Sendai Motions. How great that would be if they could find a free paper version of our site, with all the new articles about where to go in Sendai, what to eat, where to shop, and, of course, an introduction of our site with more articles! How great that would be to have a possibility to check Sendai Motions even when you don’t have an access to Internet!


But to have it all accomplished, we need your help. We have started a Crowdfunding event on machi-kuru, and we really hope that many people will react and lend us a hand. We want to make Sendai a little bit more convenient to foreign people, and if you support us with your donation, or a Facebook/twitter share, we would be very very happy!


Let’s promote Sendai Motions together!

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