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Human and Animal: Breathing Life into Clay

Discover the beauty of clay as a classic and modern artistic medium

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Dates: 28th May – 3rd July 2022

Location: Morioka, Iwate Prefecture

Human and Animal: Breathing Life into Clay

The art of clay, everchanging yet everlasting

Today, the boundaries between painting, sculpture, design, and handicrafts have become increasingly blurred. As a result, many artists are reexploring the wide-ranged potential clay has as an artistic medium, both in Japan and all over the world too. In particular, clay, a medium has long been used in the field of "ceramics," is being redefined, and various possibilities for its use beyond conventional methods are being discovered every day.

This exhibition focuses on pieces that express human and animal forms, an artistic motif that has long been used since ancient times. It features approximately 100 works of clay by five important artists: Beth Cavener (USA), Kim Simonsson (Finland), Susan Halls (UK), Stephanie Quayle (UK), and Yoshitomo Nara (Japan). As they work with clay, artists breathe life into the medium and bring to life unique animal and human forms!

Come and experience the power of clay and its many cutting edge expressions!


Official Page (English):

Time: 9:30AM–6:00PM (last entry 5:30PM)

Entry Fee:

  • Adults: 1000 yen
  • Students (including highschool): 600 yen
  • Middle school and elementary school students: 400 yen

Location: Iwate Museum of Art, Morioka, Iwate Prefecture

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