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The Nambu Clan's Etiquette - Special Exhibition

Dancing, Ceremonies, and Listening; discover the Morioka Clan's records dating back to the late Edo Period!

· Museums Galleries and Exhibitions,Iwate Prefecture

Dates: 20th April – 30th June 2022

Location: Morioka, Iwate Prefecture

The Nambu Family's Etiquette - Special Exhibition

Discover what the Nambu Clan studied during the Edo Period, and why at this unique exhibition

According to records, training for Morioka feudal lords and their children was very strict and scheduled accordingly: they practiced military science on the 2nd and 7th of each month, sutra study on the 5th and 10th, archery on the 4th and 9th, special military science on the 6th, 16th and 26th, chanting on the 3rd, 13th and 23rd, and tea ceremony on the 8th, 18th and 28th. Other records also show that they also practiced horsemanship, calligraphy, and Noh too. In a sense, the children of the Morioka Clan during the Edo Period practiced something every day, similar to todays children who are busy attending cram schools and taking lessons outside of school.

But why was there so much emphasis on the performing arts, and what they were seeking to learn?This exhibition will explore these questions by reviewing each of the various studies and arts that they practiced. Following last year's exhibition on waka poetry, painting, and calligraphy, this year's exhibition will focus on Noh drama, tea ceremony, and the art of incense, introducing the many studies of the Nambu family during the Edo period.


Official Page (Japanese):

Time: 9:00AM–7:00PM (last entry 6:30PM)

Entry Fee:

  • Adults: 300 yen
  • High School Students: 200 yen
  • Middle school and elementary school students: 100 yen

Location: Morioka Museum of History and Culture 2nd floor, Morioka, Iwate Prefecture

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