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A cup of home

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If I have to name one dish that symbolizes home for me, then I would name soup. Japanese often mention the taste of miso soup cooked by one’s mother - the choice of ingredients, the balance between the salty taste of miso and umami-full taste of dashi. Ukrainians can argue forever about how to cook the proper borsch soup - how do you slice beet, what vegetables have to be cooked separately and all this stuff. Probably everyone can imagine his own home-made soup and all the efforts that are put in recreating that same taste from the childhood.

The owner of Nicomo- soup cafe in Hachiman, near COOP, puts the reasons why soup is so important very simply: “Everyone can eat soup. From babies to seniors - it’s a type of dish that suits us any time of our life. I realized it first after 3.11. For many days people were lacking the usual comforts, and when they received their first cup of hot soup, they felt that the warmth of their homes is coming back to them.”

Cafes that offer soup as the base of their menu are very rare. But the owner of Nicomo is sure that it is not only about soup. It is about offering comfort that everyone needs. “Nicomo means ニッコも煮込もう - let’s cook a smile. I cook soups with mild taste, for it could be eaten by any person. Other menu is good for everyone, too.” Nicomo is especially warm towards children and their parents. A big blackboard that can be used for drawing, toys and children's books will occupy a child and give a parent some time to relax and simply enjoy the moment.

Of course, the menu is the main thing to enjoy. The choice of soup changes frequently, and you never guess what soup will be next week. Usually there are three types of soup to choose from. The famous two soup set offers you a possibility to taste two types of soup together with a delicious quiche, green salad, drink (you can choose from many options) and either onigiri or home-baked bread. And if you find it difficult to choose, you can have all three types of soup!

For those who are not very hungry but would like to have a cup of tea or coffee and something sweet, Nicomo offers a nice selection of desserts. You can also have juice or homemade soda or ginger ale. There are great many things that impersonate home-like comfort and relaxing warmth of this place.

“Come and feel at home”, says the owner with a gentle smile. Holding a bowl of hot, aromatic soup in my hands, I do feel like home. Home, where everyone is always invited.

Address: 1 Chome-5-18, Hachiman, Aoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi

Hours: Monday-Wednesday, Friday, Saturday - 11:00-18:00, Thursday - 11:00-15:00

Closed on Sundays

Tel: 022-796-6217

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