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Sendai Museum Guide, May

Golden Week getaway

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Cherry blossom season is over, and now we are looking forward to Golden Week - a time when everyone is getting away from the usual environment to visit new places, do something else, or just have a good time. In case if you cannot go far from Sendai, Sendai Museum Guide has prepared some possibilities to get away for a while  through museum visits. For example, you can…

...Go up to the sky!

Sendai Astronomical Observatory literally lifts us up with their events and exhibitions. For this GW they prepared a great program of workshops. On 1st and 3rd of May, kids and their parents can create a telescope with their own hands!

Time: 1st May, 3rd May, 13:30-15:30

Place: Learning room on the second floor

Price: 1,890 yen (cost of materials)

Or you can create your own sound of the stars - a musical card with a manually operated music box!

Time: 4-7 May, every hour from 12:30

Place: Laboratory

Price: 500 yen (cost of materials)

Many other workshops, a market with souvenirs, food and drinks and, of course, the atmosphere of miracle is awaiting you from today until 7th May!

You can find out more here:

Or you can… in time!

What do you wear everyday? Can you describe your working clothes, what you wear at University or at home? Everyday clothes are much less studied and exhibited than the fancy ball gowns and holiday outfits, but their quality and comfort they gave to the wearer meant a lot for the mere survival, not mentioning the productivity.

In Sendai City Museum of History and Folklore, this month you can find out how hard it was to create everyday working clothes, what materials were used for everyday kimono, footwear and hats and how beautiful and elegant some of the working clothes were. A great possibility to rethink our own attitudes with the things we wear.

Time: 2017.4.29〜7.2

Place: Sendai City Museum of History and Folklore

Working hours: 9:00~16:45

Closed on Mondays

Or you can…

...get to know the story of drawing animals and birds!

When I was a child, I loved Alfred Edmund Brehm’s Life of Animals - a book with incredible illustrations that seemed for me more thrilling than photographs of the same animals. The art of drawing pictorial books was one of my major interests since then (unfortunately, only theoretical). In these illustrations you can see what actually drew the attention of the illustrator, what seemed the most important for the artist in an animal or a plant, and the experience of seeing an object through some other person’s eyes gives us even more than looking at a photograph.

This month in Fukushima Art Museum an exhibition on Japanese biological illustrations will give us an opportunity to see animals through the eyes of many artists from different times. Maybe we can discover something new in the creatures that surround us!

Time: 2017.4.12〜5.31

Place: Fukushima Art Museum

Working hours: 9:00~16:30

Closed on Mondays

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