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Onagawa Minato Festival 2022

The Onagawa Port Festival returns with music, dance, and various endearing performances!

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Onagawa Minato Festival 2022


Dates: 24th July 2022

Location: Onagawa Machi, Miyagi Prefecture

Onagawa's Summer Festival Finally Returns!

This summer, the Onagawa Port Festival will be held for the first time in 12 years! The highlight of the festival is the "Lion Dance on the Sea," a traditional dance performed on a boat, floating on the Onagawa Bay, by locals wearing a lion mask! There will also be a firework display to admire during the evening at 7:10PM.

Don't miss out on this powerful performance and unique event at the beautiful seaside town of Onagawa!


9:45AM: Onagawa Loud Taiko Drums

10:00AM: Opening Ceremony

10:20AM: Enoshima Hoin Kagura Performance

11:00AM: Onagawa Elementary School Drum and Flute Team

11:30AM: Onagawa Middle School Wind Instrument Band

1:00PM: Lion Dance on the Sea Performance

3:00PM: Kids Dance Onagawa Dance School

3:20PM: Cheer-dance Ishinomaki Kobunkan High School Peanuts

4:10PM: Band performance PIN☆LADY

5:20PM: Hiromi Yamaguchi Songs and Ballads Show

6:00PM: Midori Oka Songs and Ballads Show

7:10PM: Fireworks Display Over the Sea


Official Page (Japanese):

Time: 9:45AM–8:00PM

Entry Fee: None

Location: Kaigandori, Onagawa, Miyagi Prefecture

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