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Hanabi Taikai Fireworks Happening in Miyagi this Summer 2022

Come and enjoy beautiful displays of light this summer!

· Events and Festivals

Dates: July & August 2022

Location: Miyagi Prefecture

1) 75th Shiogama Minato Festival Eve Fireworks

Dates: 17th July 2022

Location: Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture

Image courtesy of Shiogama Minato Matsuri Support Association

A beautiful spectacle of light at Shiogama's port!

Every year, the Shiogama Minato Festival (or matsuri) is held on "Marine Day" to pray for bountiful harvests of fish and safety at sea. On the eve of the festival, the ocean's surface comes alight in a must-see spectacle of vibrant colors from approximately 8000 fireworks!


Official Page (Japanese):

Time: 8:00PM–8:50PM

Entry Fee: None

Location: Shiogama Port Area, Miyagi Prefecture

2) The 53rd Sendai Tanabata Festival Fireworks

Dates: 5th August 2022

Location: Downtown Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture

Image courtesy of Sendai Junior Chamber of Commerce and Industry

A firework display opening one of the largest festivals in Tohoku!

The Sendai Tanabata Festival is a major summer festival, ranking among the 3 Great Festivals of all of Tohoku. The Fireworks are held on the eve preceding the Sendai Tanabata Festival in the center of the city no less, which is very rare in Japan.

This year's 52nd Sendai Tanabata Fireworks Festival is held under the theme of "Smiles For a Bright Future and for a Greater More Prosperous Sendai," with the hopes of making Sendai City a place overflowing with smiles with an endless love for the community. At its heart, it is an an opportunity to meet new people and discover, once again, the importance of human connections.


Official Page (Japanese):

Time: 7:15PM–8:15PM

Entry Fee: None

Location: Nishi Park Area, Downtown Sendai

3) The 99th Ishikawa Festival Opening Fireworks

Dates: 6th August 2022

Location: Ishikawa, Miyagi Prefecture

Image courtesy of Ishinomaki Kawakai Festival Executive Committee

Enjoy Tohoku's largest river coming alight with sparkling lights!

On the evening preceding the Ishinomaki Kawabiraki Festival, Ishinomaki City will host a reduced version of their grand fireworks display, taking place on the largest river in the Tohoku region, the Kitakami River. The festival features various events such as a lantern floating ceremony, a mikoshi (portable shrine) parade, as well as a parade featuring a marching band of drums and flutes by elementary school children.


Official Page (Japanese):

Time: 7:30PM–9:00PM

Entry Fee: None

Location: Kitakamigawa Riverbank, Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture

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