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Open Atelier of Miyagi Museum of Art

Freedom of Creation

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Physical activity can be a kind of a meditation. Especially when combined with creative activity. Drawing, carving, printing - a process of creating something new, a process of reshaping wood, or paper, or anything else brings peace to one’s soul and helps to detox our brain from all that worries and heavy thoughts. But the process of creation often requires space. What if you don’t have this very important resource in your apartment?

In the Miyagi Museum of Art, anyone can receive space (and not only space) for creative activity. All you have to do is to come to the Open Atelier.

In the morning hours two rooms of Open Atelier are almost empty and very museum-like quiet. “Just bear in mind that it can become noisy when someone is working with metal or wood”, says the staff member, “And this is totally ok, you can do noisy stuff if you need to.” One of the rooms is meant for drawing, woodblock printing and other forms of art that require concentration.

The other one is for noisy and dirty processes - for working with metal, wood, clay etc. The process of creating is free - you take the tools you need, find a place and make your own masterpiece.

Speaking of the tools, by the way. There are plenty of tools available, and you can freely use all of them. If you want to use metal, you can do even welding!

There is an equipment for woodblock printing, potter’s wheels, tools for carving, drawing tools and many more.

For inspiration, you can use many books on art and culture (mostly in Japanese, but there are some books in English, too) from Open Atelier collection. And the staff are always here to help you with a piece of advice or explanation (it is better if you know Japanese).

No registration is needed - just tell any staff member that you are planning to use the Atelier. You can come with your children - I guess they would be happy to try working with clay. Near Open Atelier, there is a great play room for kids, a perfect plan for a family rest.

For those who would like to create something but doesn’t have the right skills, once in a month there are workshops for beginners (and not only beginners) on drawing, printing, carving and many other forms of art. Ask the staff about the upcoming workshops and don’t forget to register (workshops do require registration).

Enjoying art is one of the best activities available for a human being. But creating art is probably the best. And here, in Sendai, you can create freely.

Address: 34-1, Kawauchi Motohasekura, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi.

Telephone: 022-221-2114

Working hours: 9:30-17:00

Closed on Mondays and Holidays

Free of charge.

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