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QUEEN The Greatest Fireworks 2022

Japanese Firework Culture Meets Bohemian Rhapsody

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Dates: 3rd September 2022

Location: Natori Cycle Sports Center, Natori, Miyagi

QUEEN The Greatest Fireworks 2022

Official Hanabi Firework Event in Miyagi Prefecture to British Rock Band Queen's Greatest Hits!

Enjoy an incredible Japanese "Hanabi Dai Kai" firework display alongside music by the legendary british rock-band, QUEEN!

In celebration of the approaching 50th anniversary of world-famous rock band, QUEEN's debut, an official firework display by SUGOI Hanabi will be held at 3 venues across Japan (Miyagi, Osaka, Kitakyushu). On September 3rd, thanks to the collaboration of Japan's very best firework team of all time, the night's sky around Natori City's Cycle Sports Center will come alight with dazzling sparkles in perfect synchronization to QUEEN's greatest hits.

Since this is an official firework event authorized by the artists themselves, exclusive official merchandise will be available for fans to get their hands on before the firework display begins.

Don't miss your chance to enjoy some of QUEEN's award-winning anthems alongside an impressive display of light and sound in Miyagi Prefecture this fall!


Tickets can be purchased from Lawson Ticket. The ticketing price varies depending on the seat location and the addition of official merchandise.

  • 3rd Floor Partial View Stadium Seats 2500 yen
  • 2nd Floor Partial View Stadium Seats 3500 yen
  • Stadium Seats Without Goods 7700 yen
  • Stadium Seats With CD 10 000 yen
  • Stadium Seats With T-Shirt & Special Design Case 11 000 yen
  • Seaside Reserved Seats 6600 yen (note these seats may not be as good as stadium seats in terms of visual and sound effects)
※ Ticket sales end July 18th 2022!


    Official Page (Japanese):

    Time: 3:30PM (fireworks from 6:30PM–7:30PM)

    Entry Fee: 2500–11 000 yen

    Location: Natori Cycle Sports Center, Natori, Miyagi

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