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TinyTAN Café

Enjoy the BTS Themed Café in Sendai Until the End of June!

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Dates: 1st–26th June

Location: BALLER:S, Downtown Sendai

TinyTan Café

Enjoy incredible tasting BTS TinyTAN character inspired deserts at the pop-up café in Sendai until the 26th June 2022!

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The Must-Visit BTS Themed Café for All K-POP Lovers!

This is the last month to enjoy the TinyTAN BTS character themed café at BALLER:S located in downtown Sendai. Miyagi is the 5th location this limited-time café is held (the others are Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, and Nagoya) offering a variety of desserts, including seven types of "Tiny-TAN" inspired cakes! An afternoon tea set menu with a choice of two types of select cakes is also a popular choice amongst visitors. Bagels, sandwiches, extravagant toast spreads, pancakes, and beverages are also featured in the menu. 


One of the highlights of this pop-up café for many fans is the availability of official BTS TinyTAN merchandise that isn't available anywhere else! 


Come and enjoy the fun of choosing your favorite cakes and discovering the variety of the many menu items so instagram-worthy you can't help but share it in your feed!


Official Page (Japanese):

Time: 10:00AM–8:50PM (80 minute time limit)

Entry Fee: None

Location: BALLER:S, Downtown Sendai

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