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Sake and Nishi Park

Taste Local Sake from Tohoku while Enjoying the Beautiful Nishi Park

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Dates: 4th–5th June

Location: Nishi Park, Downtown Sendai

Sake and Nishi Park

Enjoy a sake tasting event in Sendai Nishi Park where over 30 breweries from all over Japan will introduce you to 70 types of sake!

The event for sake-lovers coming to you the 1st week of June!

Discover over 70 varieties of sake brought to you by more than 30 breweries from all over the country. Although the sakes brewed in the Tohoku Region are the star of the show, breweries from Central Japan are also featured in this event. The many breweries will gather in Sendai's lively Nishi Park on the 1st weekend of June to give you a sake tasting of a lifetime! At the food stalls that line the parks pathway, visitors can pair their sake with mouthwatering "sake snacks" offered by restaurants from Sendai City.

Admission is free, however, you can purchase a bundle of 10 "sake tasting tickets," redeemable for 1 glass of 30ml sake each, in advance for 2000 yen or directly at the venue for 2500 yen.

The event will be held rain or shine so don't miss out on this opportunity to discover the many sakes from the Tohoku Region and other areas of Japan too!


Event Page (Japanese):

Time: 10AM–8PM (Saturday) 10AM–5PM (Sunday)

Entry Fee: None

Location: Nishi Park, Downtown Sendai

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